What is the album that you never used to like but started liking, as you got much older?

The following are what I can come up with for now;

1. 1984 by Van Halen-Used to think it was too old-fashioned.

2. Native Tongue by Poison-It was too much of a hair metal for me at the time.

3. Peace sells… but who’s buying? by Megadeth-Don’t know why, but the guitar riffs were sounding just a bit too satanic for me in those days.

4. Reign in Blood by Slayer-I know, I now don’t believe it either but I used to think Tom Araya was more of a rapper somehow.

5. The Spaghetti Incident by Guns N’ Roses-Perhaps I had been expecting Use Your Illusion Ⅲ.

How about you folks?