Guess what I found in the attic

Cassette singles from the 90s. Bought either from the nostalgic Real Groovy or Sounds St. Lukes back in Auckland, I vaguely remember. Wonder if tapes are even manufactured nowadays too. I used to dig especially these singles because Korea, where I was before NZ, never ever sold them in the shops for some weird reasons.

So, for a huge Alternative fan like myself, they were always such a joy to listen to, as most of them usually contained rarities like previously unreleased tracks or live versions. The artwork of the covers was awesome as well, making it cool fun to collect.

Sadly, Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon and Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots are no longer around, and since I don’t know what bands are out there these days, it makes me even more miss the golden era of the Alternative rock. There were just so many great musicians to choose from back then. I bet there’s only a handful of anything decent now.

Time to get myself a tape player somehow!